Mendham Boys: 2012 Group 2 Section 2N State Champions

On Friday May 25th and Saturday May 26th, the Mendham Boys Track team competed in the Group 3 Section 2N State Championships in South Plainfield, NJ. This was the first time Mendham has won such a sectional state championship. They were lead by solid performances from Gerald Gorman, Peter Ehman, James Herb, and Brian Ricciardi, along with contributions from several others, including Paul Ehman, John Oby, Pat Carney, Kevin Papili and Tom Pavarini. Below are several photos and videos captured of the event.

Group 3 State Sectionals

Hoisting of the Championship Trophy

Kevin Takes a Turn with the Trophy

Kevin Carries Championship Trophy

Brian Carries Trophy During the Victory Lap

Pete Leads with the Championship Trophy

Another of the Victory Lap

Kevin Launches for a 19+ feet 4rth Place Finish

Pat Carney Touches Down After a Long Jump

Peter Brings home the Gold in the 3200M

Gerald Turns in a Great performance in the Sectionals

The Ehman Brothers form a Deadly Twosome in the 3200M

Jamie Goes Over a Hurdle in His Opening Event

Kevin With Another Long Jump Attempt

Pat Carney With Another Attempt in the Long jump

Celebration Videos

Celebrating a Sectional State Championship - 5/26/2012

Hoisting the Championship Trophy!!!

Victory Lap

The Team Celebrates with Victory Lap

Announcement of the Championship

Tail End of the Victory Lap

Competition Videos

Pat Carney in the Long Jump

James Herb in the 200M Qualifiers

Pat Carney in the 200M Qualifier

200M Finals: James/Brian Go 1-2

Brian in the 200M Qualifier

Brian in the 100M Qualifier

4x400M Relay Championship Race

Kevin in the Long Jump

See Mendham Girls Spring Track Page

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