St. Lawrence Men's Cornerstone


Details About the Meetings

On the third Saturday morning of every month, all the men of St. Lawrence Parish are invited to a monthly prayer session that's held in the Parish Center at 7:30AM. Coffee, bagels, and donuts are provided and a specific topic is covered each month, which includes a prayer session, music, readings and plenty of great discussion.

Although this monthly session is spearheaded by the men's Cornerstone Group, it is open to All men of the parish. There is no need to have attended a Cornerstone Retreat to join in on these monthly meetings. Attendance is highly encouraged.

Who Runs Each Meeting

Each month, a different member hosts the Prayer Session. That person picks the theme or topic they want to cover, selects one song, and a relevent Bible Reading, and provides a list of discussion topic questions to help start the open conversation. We are always looking for volunteers to pull together a prayer session. It is a very fulfilling exercise if you've never done this before. There is plenty of help if you find yourself stuck in finding a bible passage or a song to go along with your theme.

A Microsoft Word template can be downloaded by clicking here to help you get started with pulling together your prayer session.

Witness Talk

The person hosting a meeting is welcome to and even encouraged to deliver a mini witness talk about anything you feel you would like to share with the team. We will always have the regular prayer session but someone giving a witness always seems to make for a great meeting. You have an open slate at these sessions so if there is something you want to get off your chest, out in the open, or simply want to hear from others in terms of how they deal with certain things, this is a great forum for that.