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Welcome to the Home Page for the St. Lawrence Men's Cornerstone Group's monthly prayer sessions. This site will be used to announce and highlight each month's session, plus provide a library of past prayer sessions. Please consider hosting a prayer session for a date sometime in the near future. We like getting new people coming up with their own topics. There is plenty of help if you need it and also feel free to team up with another brother and jointly host one of these great sessions. There is no such thing as a bad prayer session!!!

Announcements - last updated August 19, 2018

Archives and Other Links

Volunteers to host one of these monthly sessions is highly welcomed. See "About" for more details.

Requests for Prayers

Anyone that has prayer requests that they would like to be sent out to the entire Men's Cornerstone Community, you can do so by clicking on the following email link and sending the prayer request to our email address. It is from that account that all emails get sent to the entire Men's Cornerstone Community.

Updating or Adding Your Email Address to our Distribution List

If you need to update or wish to be added to the Men's Cornerstone Email Distribution list, send an email to with all the details of how you want to be notified. Similarly, if you'd like to be removed from the distribution list, email us with that request as well.

Use of the Men's Cornerstone Email Alias

There have been several questions and issues raised over the past few years about certain things that have been sent out over the Men's Cornerstone Email Alias that we maintain on the account. The final decision is that the only thing this email account can and will be used for is to make Cornerstone/Church Announcments, and for any and all prayer requests. Links, stories, or any other material that people want disseminated to this large community will NOT be permitted. We will be happy to start a "links" section on this web page for items like that, but nobody in the Cornerstone Community has it as their responsiblility to determine what is and isn't valid to send out via this distribution. Prayer requests and Cornerstone/Church announcements will be the only thing this alias will be used for.

When email is sent out, the large distribution list is blind carbon copied to everyone. This means you won't see the 150+ email addresses of the people receiving the emails. It's also a safety precaution so anyone that chose to reply-to-all, won't be generating lots of unnecessary emails sent to the entire distribution list.

Just a note, feel free to send emails to That account is only accessible by a small group of people and is not read on a regular basis. Prayer requests will be sent out as quickly as possible. We ask for your patience in getting a response from any emails you may send to this gmail account.

Circle of Shoes

Every Cornerstone meeting is closed by everyone circling up in a huddle, and saying together the Our Father. The photo below is one taken by Kevin Herb at one of our meetings and it truly captures the essence of this ending ritual.

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